Field Day 2011

Oh, yes! It was a hot one again, but maybe not quite as hot as the last two years for Field Day. This year temperatures were in the middle to upper 90s, still better than last year. The trees are gowing taller, so better for the antennas, but have to make sure we have enough rope to put them up.

OK, guys, "Time to go to work!"

Preparations for the SSB antenna.

With a little luck ... over the trees

The crew, hoping for a little luck. Maybe that sun beam from heaven will help!

Meanwhile, preparations for 6m trailer

Wow! Look at those antennas on the 6m trailer

And of course, the dipole for the CW operations

Our GOTO champion gets in on the CW antenna action

The CW trailer with power generator to side.

GOTO tent, complete with solar panel on left

the SSB tent

the 6m trailer

6m guru and trailer builder

6m in fast action

GOTA action

Log that contact!

Look at that guy (left) concentrating! Must be copying cw from the qrp/solar panel setup

Action in the CW trailer

SSB action

SSB is always busy

Trying to stay cool

Late night SSB

Bands busy at night...

Dawn brings another crew for SSB

Well deserved rest...

Another field day completed...