Field Day 2010

Well, we knew from the past few weeks the Field Day weather would be hot and it certainly didn't disappoint us with recorded high temperatures of 96 on Saturday and 97 on Sunday. Even with most of our crew camping outside due to a broken air conditioner in a camping trailer, we persevered with contact after contact while drinking copious amounts of fluids, sitting under ever-blowing fans, and complaining about the heat. Even with the propagation being somewhat unstable, contacts seem to keep coming and even the unpredictable 6 meter band cooperated with a larger number of contacts

Entrance to our Field Day site

This wire wasn't tangled last year!

What _is_ that guy doing up on that trailer?

6 meter setup

The 6 meter guru!

Power plant and trailers

Let's camp off the ground!

GOTA on the left, Food and Info, SSB on the back right

GOTA tent (solar panels on pole)

Solar panels and satellite antenna

6 meter beam, 40 meter wire high in tree

Gee, all this setting up makes one tired!

Our star GOTA participant, Brandon, with 50 contacts!

Must log those contacts!

You can tell, he likes ham radio!

Troy, logging many CW contacts!

Action in the 6 meter shack with John

Bill and Fran, mainstays of the SSB tent.

Dusty elevating our point count late at night!

Our information table for visitors