Field Day 2009

Probably one of our hottest Field Days on record. Shreveport reported a record-breaking 102 degrees on the weekend and one of our thermometers showed 104. Our band of workers and visitors was smaller because of the heat, but our fun and numbers continued to climb, as did the heat. One trailer with air conditioning and that nice 6m shack saved the day. ........Still the show went on.

Our site on Frazier Rd off Hwy 7 south of Sibley.

The well-equipped 6m shack.

G5RV for SSB and satellite antennas.

Breakfast on Saturday morning.

SSB operations ..... Notice the cooling fan in Fran's hand!

More SSB operations.

Inside that well-equipped 6m shack. Cool operations!

The CW operation - in the cool.

Trying for that elusive satellite contact.

The GOTA tent.

GOTA action.

Many contacts from Brandon.

Log that contact!

Will this thing run if the big generator goes out?

The food tent - most important!

The cooks always have privileges.

Information table and awards.

It's too hot for anything but a nap!