Field Day 2014

This year's Field Day, on June 28 and 29, was held at Caney Lake Recreation Area, part of the Kisatchie National Forest, just north of Minden. The site contained many tall trees and provided several amenities for us. It proved to be fun, and Friday and Saturday were not too hot due to a storm which came through on Saturday. This stopped our operating for about two hours, but no damage even with 40-50 mph winds and rain. Everyone seemed to have a great time.

Field Day 2014, Caney Lake, Minden, LA

A few of our award plaques.

Some use an air gun to get those antennas high in the air.

And some use a sling shot to get those antennas high.

Some just stare at the lake, which is a lot less work!

The 6m mansion is always a work of art.

The GOTA tent - cooler under those trees.

The generator that runs it all.

The finished 6m mansion.

Next comes Saturday morning breakfast preparation.

Everyone enjoying the breakfast!

Then comes our fearless leader!

The chef cooking the delicious hamburgers.

SSB digging in.

Starting the CW qsos...

The cw three....

GOTA contacts going strong.

Many GOTA qsos for this one.

Then came the storm, maybe 40-50 mph winds.

GOTA tent survived fine and no water inside.

Late night SSB operation.

Sunday morning breakfast....

Does this 6m stuff do anything?

Fast SSB action

The only answer to a long day of hamming!