Field Day 2013

This year's Field Day, on June 22 and 23, was held at a different location, new to us, because of several complications. This year we were in the Caney Lake Recreation Area, part of the Kisatchie National Forest. The site contained many tall trees and provided several amenities for us. It proved to be a fun, although hot, time and everyone seemed to enjoy the new location.

Entrance to Caney Lake, Kisatchie Nat Forest, near Minden, LA

Map of the facilities.

Public swimming beach

Our banner and entrance to our area, the group facility

SSB captured the covered area for their operation.

Complete with tables

Nice area for operating, shaded gathering, and eating

First, get the all-important gadgets going

The generator for emergency power

and solar power, also

Our leader, err supervisor

SSB equipment

SSB's new fan dipole (80, 40, 20, 15m) proved itself

It's actually the dragonflies on it that make it work (left side) ha

The cw/psk equipment

What on earth is that? (end-fed zepp)

Home away from home

Looks like a tent-castle, doesn't it?

Late night tweaking of the fan dipole

SSB ops

SSB ops

Late night SSB operation

CW operation

A serious looking psk op

The most important person here - our hamburger cook

Looks like Sunday breakfast preparation

Beautiful view at night